Mochizuki Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat
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Mochizuki Clinic Ear,Nose & Throat has provided medical care to people in this area since 1963. We strive to provide appropriate care for our patients.
Walk-in clients are always most welcome and accepted. You can come to our clinic during reception hours.
Please tell us about your problem and let us take care of it.
Dr. Yoshiya Mochizuki

Patient Guide

●Our Services
Middle ear & Ear canal:
Cerumen(Earwax), External otitis, Middle ear inflammation(Otitis media), Trauma of ear, Foreign objects inside ear, Swimmer’s ear, Aero-otitis.
Inner ear:
Hearing loss, Vertigo/Dizziness.
Nose & Sinus:
Allegic rhinitis, Hay-fever(Japanese KAFUNSYO), Sinus inflammation(Sinusitis), Running nose, Nasal polyp, Nose bleed, Foreign objects inside nose.
Mouth, Pharynx & Throat:
Sore throat, Cough, Sputum, Tonsillitis, Infections, Foreign objects(ex. Fish bone), Hoarse voice, Vocal polyp.
Head & Neck:
Lymph node problem, Parotid/Submaxillary gland problem, Unidentified lumps on neck, Facial nerve paralysis.
Influenza, Common cold, etc..
●Clinic Opening Hours
◯ Open, X Close, ◎ Open only 1st,3rd & 5th Sunday.
Reception hours:
  • AM ◯ 8:30~12:45, ◎10:00~11:45
  • PM ◯ 15:00~18:45
Consultation hours:
  • AM ◯ 8:30~13:00, ◎10:00~12:00
  • PM ◯ 15:00~18:45
※ We close every Tuesday, 2nd & 4th Sunday of month and public holidays.
●Contact Info
3-10-18, Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0072 Japan.
Phone Number:
“Shirokane-Takanawa” (Nanboku Line / Mita Line) is the nearest subway station. No.4 or 3 Exit are the most convenient exits. It’s a 5~8 min. walk from the station.
  1. Unfortunately we don’t accept payment by credit card or any type of electric money.
    We only accept cash(Japanese Yen) .
  2. If you have Japanese national health insurance, please make sure you bring it when you come to our clinic.
  3. We don’t accept any other insurance except Japanese national heath insurance.
  4. We are able to offer our service in Japanese and English only.